Projects in Development include an espionage comedy and a futuristic dystopian political thriller. Please contact for additional information including pitches and lookbooks.

For a full set of published screenplays, please visit Nikhil Kamkolkar's author page on


Links to individual screenplays released as part of the Rising Stakes Screenplay Series follow below.


Assassin Jane - A Screenplay
“ASSASSIN JANE: PROLOGUE” is an exploration of a storyworld in a near-alternate future, where the only known surviving pocket of humanity, isolated in safety under a shield, is tormented by conflict between two warring cities ruled by King Ghalib and King Kintan. When King Ghalib sends his treasured and capable assassin Jane on a mission into Kintan City, she falls in love with the mysterious man she was sent to kill.
Indian Cowboy : A Screenplay
Indian Cowboy is an American indie Romantic Comedy with a South Asian twist written and directed by Nikhil Kamkolkar.

Nick dreams of experiencing true love at its most glorious and with a decidedly happy ending. Unfortunately for him, the woman who enters his life, Sapna, believes that true love always leads to a tragic end. Just like in Romeo and Juliet or their Indian counterparts, Laila and Majnu.
Rising X : A Screenplay Set
RISING X stories are set in the very real world of the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries’ constant flirtation with the boundaries of human ethics.

In this series, we take a leap beyond the now. The processes of drug discovery, clinical trails, governmental regulation, all conspire to find ways to subvert the morality needed, as we pursue the lure of extending human life and capabilities beyond current imagination.
Russ Wanker: Paparazzi - Screenplay
RUSS WANKER: PAPARAZZI, in the tradition of Van Wilder and Animal House, follows Russ, a young and ambitious Paparazzi, on a journey that involves Hollywood starlets, secret societies, and true friendship. When Russ takes on another man’s identity to get a scandalous photograph of a Hollywood starlet, he is mistakenly tapped to join a secret society she frequents. She falls for him, and he for her. Russ faces a choice - betray her for the scoop of his life, or sacrifice his dreams for her love.
My Dad's Wedding - A Screenplay
MY DAD’S WEDDING follows the journey of Neera Kumar and her widower father. Their dysfunctional relationship comes to a head when a young Indian man, pretending to be a Calculus tutor, enters their life. Neera’s father hired the tutor to help pave Neera’s path into Medical school, but Neera uses the tutor to get around her father’s strict rules. Neither realizes that the young man is carrying a secret that will help them heal their wounded past and finally become a family.
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